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A PDA to replace my Newton?

It seems that my Apple Newton 2000 finally has a potential successor. Although I have recently become quite fond of the handwriting recognition of my Newton, grafiti 2.0 is still my favourite input method.

Don't be so shocked! One of Jeff Hawkins' masterstrokes in developing the original palm pilot was that everything was well road tested. His famous block of wood (i tried very hard to find a picture of the block for you - if anyone has one - please post a comment!) proved the physical form factor, and graffiti as a popular input method was poven by the runaway success of the graffiti for newton commercial software package (it probably also made a tidy sum of money to boot). It was subsequently included in the Apple Newton Enhancement package, and I'm sure Apple paid a pretty penny for that.

Sadly, it seems Graffiti is on it's way out. This business week article gives us some interesting facts: New PalmOne devices already use Graffiti 2 (which isn't really Graffiti due to a wierd lawsuit from Xerox). And all new Handspring devices will use keyboards because they are more popular than graffiti driven devices. With who? An ancient breed of monkeys with 2.5mm diamater fingers?

Anyway, back on topic - the PalmOne Tungsten-3 is one sexy pda. the screen is getting bigger (a Newton-replacement requirement) and can be rotated into landscape (another requirement). Of course all the fixed external keyboards won't play with landscape mode - but there is always the external Newton keyboard with adapter ;) (assuming you can still get serial cables for Palm's)

It also has bluetooth built in, so forget about cables to sync with your PowerBook or dial-up with your mobile - now you can irradiate intimate parts of your body while your pda and mobile happily chat to each other via Gigahertz band wireless...

08:02 PM, 02 Oct 2003 by Mark Aufflick Permalink

Tempting, indeed

So, are you gonna get one? I'm quite tempted as well, because my Palm IIIxe is really showing its age. I need more memory for my medical references and I want color, bluetooth cuz they're cool. Maybe you could get one and let me know what you think ;-)

by Vinod Kurup on 10/09/03

Flexible Bluetooth keyboard :)

Who needs a serial keyboard when you can get a flexible bluetooth keyboard!!

by Mark Aufflick on 10/26/03

I want my graffiti!

I recently played with a client's newest Tungsten, and it has the poxy new character recognition based on the real shape of characters - dotter or something it's called. It's not a patch on grafiti - no matter how proficient you get it will always be slower (because there are more strokes) and less accurate (because letters look so similar when you are furiously writing - but that's progress courtesy of software patents. Of course thye could redeem it by using the word recognition technology from the Newton, but Apple probably has a patent on that too :(

by Mark Aufflick on 01/30/04

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