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Mac OS X Outliners

Having recently re-installed my G4 laptop with Panther, I am setting out to get back my super productive environment (of course having an internal LCD screen that worked might help...)

One big issue is an outliner - the one piece of software that soothes my brain instead of frying it!

I had an ok outliner before, but I can't remember it's name!! It had something to do with strawberry software, and some other name that had trademark issues...

Anyway, while hunting for it I found a few nice bits of software:

    MyMind - outliner and mapper - you can map interesting relationships graphically, and have arbitrary columns, but no concept of a "body" of text per entry...

    Omni Outliner - better than I remember it - this may well be the winner since it fits my outlining paradigm.

Woohoo :D I found my old favourite:
    Shout! My Brain Out - dumb name (due to aformentioned trademark issues), great product. It's been updated more recently than the old version I used to run, and I'm going to have to go license it now that it runs in demo mode, and $USD20 is a bit steep when the incumbant (and slightly more polished) OmniOutliner is $USD29.95
Of course what I really want to do is port the Newton development kit to OS X, but I don't know that the Outliner functionality can be extracted off my MessagePad 2000 into a .pkg :(

12:56 AM, 30 Jan 2004 by Mark Aufflick Permalink

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