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Old Technology (Post from Siberia)

Hello readers! Sorry it has been such a long time between posts - I moved house and have no broadband. In fact I had no narrowband until a few days ago. Apparently there is a cafe down the road with wireless, but I haven't found it yet.

I am well known for my love of elegant technology, old or new, and here are some great snippets of info I have come across in the last few days.

First, I have come into recent ownership of an old Apple Color Classic and an LC630. The Color Classic is so cute I want to set it up in my office to replace my broken fax machine. With (another piece of great tech) my old Global Village (cool old link) Teleport Platinum it will do just fine. Finding the GV software could be tricky though - try finding THAT on limewire...

So of course, I want to upgrade the Color Classic. The CC seems to have a sort of cult following due to it's cute form factor, and I am in luck with plenty of other people coming up with circuit and case changes so I can jam the LC630 mother board in, making a Takky CC:

  • The Macintosh Colo(u)r Classic FAQ
  • World of Power Color Classic

  • Next up, there is a new (and probably illegal) BeOS distribution called PhOS, based on a leaked copy of the BeOS source from just before development folded. Among other things it is multi-user!!

    And finally, I can never resist a good Apple Newton story. I still use my Newton MessagePad 2000 (to the amusement and ridicule of my un-enlightened friends), though not as much as I used too.

    I certainly havn't used it for mobile blogging over bluetooth - but it's comforting to know that if I wanted to I could:

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