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Friendly blog links

Not that they were grumpy before, but it's another step in coercing my old website software into a world where 1.0 < web <= 2.0

So now instead of getting a permalink along the lines of /blog/one-entry?entry_id=1234 you'll get something like /blog/2006/05/05/mark-is-a-good-bloke (told you they were friendly).

This is going to play havoc with my Google analytics results. At least it's nearly the start of a month.

Shout out to Vinod Kurup who's code snippet I plundered and modified.

Next up, compile tDom into aolserver 3.

Sheesh - I should just upgrade to OpenACS 5.x, but hacking is much more fun ;)

Update: Since I have also changed the urls presented via my RSS feed, those of you following in feed readers will probably find that the last 10 entries are now duplicated. Sorry about that, but there's nothing I can do since RSS readers treat the url as a primary key of sorts.

07:49 AM, 05 May 2006 by Mark Aufflick Permalink

Thanks for the shout!

So, are you adding a new field to pinds_blog_entries for permalink_url? I should get around to doing that, too (unless you have a diff you're willing to share) :-)

Off topic: How are you using google analytics? I have an account, but on first blush I didn't think it was much more interesting than analog or visitors. Well, I should probably just login and check again. I really like having my log analysis sent to my email box each morning. I wonder if google analytics (really needs a new name) can do that...

by Vinod Kurup on 05/05/06

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