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Michael Schumacher Wins! Retires!!

Ferrari LogoWhat a night in Formula 1. A crazy stewards decision, Alonso fighting back only to suffer a blown engine, Kubica getting his first podium in his third F1 race, Schumacher winning and thus closing the drivers title fight to two points...

All par for the course in the exciting world that is F1.

But nothing compares to Michael retiring. Love him or hate him - he's a champion and he's done more for the sport than most. I can't believe he's retiring. He didn't sound like he wanted to retire!

Mark my words though, he will win the chanpionship this year. In the drivers conference he referred to his upcoming "3 wins", and Ferrari management are already calling him an "8 time world champion"!

Can't wait to see Kimi in a Ferrari too!

Update: Sorry for the horrible typo of Schumacher in the heading. I was correct in the body - that's what happens at 2am in the morning people.

12:03 PM, 10 Sep 2006 by Mark Aufflick Permalink

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