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Christmas deliveries

It was the day of receiving parcels today - firstly my A-One Apple 1 replica kit which is a Christmas gift from Kath - can't wait to get that thing cranking :)

Secondly a parcel I almost forgot was coming, the hard copy of Agile Development with Rails - 2nd Ed. The content is no surprise since I had access to the draft pdfs, but this really is a great book. I'm not doing a lot of rails development, but I have to say that the pragmatic programmers books in general are very good. They are selective like O'Reilly used to be, and they are almost as friendly as Randal Schwartz's standard-setting Learning Perl (aka the Camel book).

It's going to be a very geeky Christmas :)

10:40 PM, 21 Dec 2006 by Mark Aufflick Permalink

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