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Delicious links in my RSS feed

I recieved the following comment on my RSS feed:

Any chance could stop putting your delicious links in your RSS feed? It's
pretty darn annoying. I already subscribe to your delicious links
via...delicious :) Which everyone is free to do.

How about posting a little how-to on subscribing to your delicious links
directly and then leaving your RSS feed for your blog entries only?

As an alternative, maybe you could you provide an RSS feed sans delicious links?


Yes fair point. When I originally merged the feeds I was in a position where I had little time to write blog posts and I intended to write meaningful "mini-posts" in the comment field of delicious as I bookmarked links. It turns out that these days I use delicious as a bookmarking service (not surprising, since that's what it is) and sometimes I can bookmark rather a lot of pages, so I can see how that should be an opt-in feed.

I'm going on holiday for a week (yay) so there won't be any form of posting then :) When I get back I'll un-merge the feeds and post the suggested instructions.

I'm trying to guess who the anony-commenter was, just can't put my finger on it... but point taken.

02:15 AM, 21 Dec 2006 by Mark Aufflick Permalink

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