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Leopard - first usability suck

Well I rushed out and bought Leopard, mostly for the garbage collected goodness of Objective-C 2.0.

The look and feel changes are mostly nice, but I have found one minor tweak that irritates me no end - and doesn't make sense to me from an HCI point of view.

If you have opened a drop down menu, and you decide you are happy with the existing selection, it used to be that you could "dismiss" the menu and leave it as it is by clicking anywhere on the screen outside the menu.

Now you need to either click on the selected option to re-select it, or if there happen to be unavailable options in the menu (ie. greyed out) you can click them as well.

Now that sucks from an HCI standpoint in two ways. First, to execute this relatively common action you now need to click in a quite small area instead of simply flicking your wrist and clicking. Secondly it is inconsistent with the menus in the menu bar, where you can click anywhere outside an open menu to dismiss it.

Update: It seems to have been another "glitch" because after a reboot I can no longer replicate it. Little bugs happen - at least it's not a change in the ui thinking.

03:35 AM, 28 Oct 2007 by Mark Aufflick Permalink


I'm not seeing this on my macbook pro. I can dismiss the menu by clicking on the desktop or hitting escape.

by Unregistered Visitor on 10/28/07

hmm indeed

After a reboot now I can't replicate it. very odd.

by Mark Aufflick on 10/28/07

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