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CocoaHeads Sydney - March 5th 2009

I'm excited our Sydney CocoaHeads meetup next week, looking forward to expanding on our great start of 20 odd people (that is 20 or so people, although many of us may also be odd...).

André's talk last month was an interesting delve into Objective-C internals and creative ways to make use of that knowledge. (slides).

This month I am pleased to announce that Nathan Day, who was in our meeting last month, will be presenting something that instead saves you from having to know about some of the nastier internals of the Cocoa framework&#8212his extensive collection of public frameworks.

Nathan was guest speaker at Brisbane CocoaHeads last Thursday and has agreed to make a repeat performance for us.

The location will again be UTS although the room may be different as the semester is approaching, stay tuned for details.

There are details about subscribing to the google calendar on a page in our group:

Or you can use this link to add the March meeting to your own calendar:

I'll update the calendar meeting with the room details etc. when I have them and will also email the cocoadev list etc. closer to the day. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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