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CocoaHeads Sydney - May 7th 2009

CocoaHeads Sydney is steaming along with our fourth monthly meeting on the trot this Thursday.

Last month at CocoaHeads Sydney I gave a lightning talk showing how to add Apple IR support to your Cocoa app. I have uploaded the slides to the files section of the google group. In the presentation I also showed how I used the LaTeX beamer class to make pdf slides, and I used the open source SplitShow application to give the presentation (using my Apple IR support of course!) You can get SplitShow from the google code project but you'll have to build from the trunk to get the IR support which has not yet been included in a release.

We also had Ben Hill show us the impressive prototype of an OpenGL iPhone game he put together using cocos2d.

This month our very own Jude Sutton will be giving us a presentation on the Authorisation Services and related APIs.

This month's details:

When: Thursday May 7th, 6:30pm
Where: UTS Broadway CB10.07.114. ie. Building 10, Level 7, Room 114

All details are published monthly on the CocoaHeads AU google group.

Hope to see you there!

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