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iPad gets back to the priorities of the first Macintosh

The first Mac I ever used was a Mac 128, when my Dad brought one home as part of the ground breaking Apple Test Drive promotion. It booted into the Finder quickly even though it used a floppy. It only ran one program at once, so programs (mostly) started and exited quickly and didn't interact. It had a fixed screen size so everyone's experience was the same. There were desk accessories that gave access to limited functionality while applications were running.

Sounds a lot like the iPad (except bigger and black and white - and of course no 3G ;).

Seriously, it's Steve Job's core vision all over again. Steve Jobs didn't want the Apple ][ to have any expandability, it was Steve Wozniak who convinced him (correctly) that computers were still very much a hobbyist device and need expandability. The original Mac wasn't supposed to have upgradeable ram - it was the engineers (Burrell Smith I think) who secretly made the circuit board easily upgradeable.

Only now, the hardware and connectivity reality has caught up with Jobs' reality: hardware is cheap, expendable and compact - and Apple makes the best. Once again another insanely great device is going to change the place computers have in our lives.

07:08 PM, 27 Jan 2010 by Mark Aufflick Permalink

ipad and apple's first vision

yeah, for sure! people will suddenly realize they can still multitask without multitasking, in a non-upgradeable environment. can't wait to get this device.

by Unregistered Visitor on 02/08/10

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