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supervisord supervisorctl cheat sheet

On my new server I made the switch from daemontools to supervisor. As if to make daemontools users feel at home the documentation for supervisorctl use is a bit thin :)
So far my biggest gotcha was that after adding a new .conf file in your includes (or to the main file itself, but you wouldn't do that would you?) is that you need to do *both* of the following:

> supervisorctl reread available
> supervisorctl update added process group
> supervisorctl         RUNNING ...



Unfortunately supervisor doesn't offer a way to provide a custom restart command, so doing an uninterrupted haproxy restart via supervisor isn't possible. Instead make sure you have autorestart set to unexpected (the default) rather than true (which is what I usually do) - that way if you want a clean haproxy restart you can just do it yourself at the commandline using the -sf option as normal.

11:14 PM, 25 Mar 2012 by Mark Aufflick Permalink

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