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Trackpad scrolling for Mac Laptops []

For some time now, high end Wintel laptops (Toshiba ones at least) have had a sexy feature that makes the far right and bottom of your trackpad to function like a scroll wheel. In other words, if you stroke up and down the far right edge of your trackpad, your current window scrolls up and down.

It's even more addictive than a scroll wheel since your trackpad is right under your hands at all times.

Well, now you can get this on your OSX Mac laptop as well thanks to a very smart Control Panel called SideTrack from Alex Harper (<.a>). It's currently in public Beta, but I have yet to see any SideEffects on my original TiBook running Panther.5

This guy also provided some enhancements to uControl&#8212;another of my (very few) essential OSX addons.

12:08 AM, 18 Aug 2004 by Mark Aufflick Permalink | Comments (0)


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