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Well, it's a long time between blogs. But then I DID just get married and have a honeymoon in France ;)

I have lots of good stuff to post here (like le pouf), in my developer blog (like sorting out your iPod with perl and Mac::AppleScript::Glue) and photos (like Versailles and "Double Effect Beef®").

But I just couldn't let this Microsoft "Six Tips for Buying an MP3 Player with Flash Memory" go without comment! It's anti-iPod stance is so thinly veiled, it's list of "popular features" is composed entirely of features the iPod doesn't have...

But then can you blame the Microsoft Windows Media team from being a bit pouty, when over half of all Microsoft employees in Redmond own an Apple iPod (wired)?

And for balance : Too Scary

You Might Be a Mac Fanatic If... - I'm too scared to score.

07:20 AM, 28 Apr 2005 by Mark Aufflick Permalink | Comments (0)


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