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Foyled again

I just bought a book Theories of International Relations from the famous Foyles book store on Charing Cross Road. The bookstore is great - 4 floors of all the books you could want. I bought the book, decided against buying another Cocoa/Objective-C book, and headed for the Jazz store/Café on level 1, where everything went tragically wrong.

The coffee is undrinkable. I leave a coffee unfinished less often than a University student leaves a free beer unfinished (I only recall doing that once - and it was Swan Gold...), but after only three (3) sips I won't be drinking any more. The spirit of Rutho failed me and I couldn't be bothered complaining.

Furthermore, the free wifi doesn't work either. My Powerbook found the access point fine, but their DHCP server wasn't listening hard enough apparently, and OSX boldly, but in futility, self-assigned it's own 169 address.

05:07 AM, 08 Sep 2005 by Mark Aufflick Permalink | Comments (0)


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