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All my Newton Christmases at once

I was actually searching the interweb to see if anyone had run arm-linux on the Newton hardware since I have a few lying around and it would be a neat hardware package for mini projects.

TitleImagine my surprise when I discovered that not only is the Newton emulator project still alive, but it just released a fully working version, running on a host OS of OSX or linux-arm!! This means that I can finally have thepdaI'vebeenwantingforyears - NewtonOS on lightweight modern hardware :)

Einstein Platform (NewtonOS on MacOS X (PowerPC & Intel) & arm-linux) official page, and at the WWNC (world wide newton conference ;)

The delicious irony of the above photo is that the Sharp Zaurus 5500 was the only (?) licensee of NewtonOS. Now it's successor provides host for it's own historical OS.

Further coverage on: Engadget and Make.

09:42 PM, 12 Dec 2006 by Mark Aufflick Permalink | Comments (0)


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