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Congratulations TramTown

The boys at TramTown (Semi and DB) have just notched up 4 years and 3,005 posts on their blog.

Well done! Maybe May should feature a "best of TramTown" series :)

They have kept remarkably true to their initial post:

This is a blog where Semi and DB are going to put pointers to things that interest them and may interest others. We expect a bias towards our town, Melbourne, Australia. We expect to see posts about: theatre, audio, politics, motor racing and any other thing that tickles our respective fancies.

That's what's good about aiming low.

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F1 Street Circuit for Singapore?

Wouldn't that be fantastic! I first heard of this in an Singapore briefing:

A local property tycoon is bargaining to bring Formula One to Singapore. Ong Beng Seng has been in talks with Bernie Ecclestone, the head of Formula One, about hosting a race from next year. Any Singaporean event would probably resemble the grand prix held in Monaco, which is raced on city streets rather than on a purpose-built track. The government has thrown its weight behind Mr Ong's proposal, in the hope the race will bring tourist dollars and good publicity. An announcement is expected by the end of April.

Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's founding father, showed little interest in bringing Formula One to Singapore when he was prime minister in the 1980s, preferring disk-drive factories instead. He has sportingly described this as a mistake.

It's nearly the end of April—I can't wait to find out. If it's on next year, I'm there!

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CollabNet buys SourceForge Enterprise Edition Business

CollabNet and VA Software Sign Asset Purchase Agreement for Acquisition of SourceForge Enterprise Edition Business by CollabNet

...and gains an extra intra-word capital letter :)

This is quite interesting, especially from my point of view as my team was about to shift two big projects from collabnet cvs to sourceforge subversion - might need to wait and see what happens here.

The 'enterprise' source/project tracking business is surprisingly big (especially given how easy it is to run your own cvs server and how little added value the above companies add to that).

What's especially interesting though, is that the above press release makes a lot of noise about:

growing our core online media assets, comprised of,,,,, and Together, these sites attract over 32 million unique visitors a month.

Hopefully they will still make fast subversion servers...

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Booklet Printing

I have re-figured this out so many different times (and no doubt in different ways) that I thought I'd blog it if only for my benefit.

The scenario is this. You have a pdf or postscript file and you want to print it out as a booklet (ie that folds in the middle). If it's big (ie. a booklet rather than a book) you want the pages grouped into bundles of 16 or so pages.

The incantation I just successfully used was:

pdf2ps foo.pdf | psbook -s16 | psnup -2 >

Note that this output postscript doesn't include the tumbling commands. In my case it's no big deal since I'm sending the data to the printer via it's web page interface which allows me to specify double siding (head to toe). If you don't have that option then you can pipe the output through pstops with the appropriate options before sending it to the printer.

e2 has a great page (An introductory guide into the fascinating (and highly anal retentive) world of bookbinding.) about binding your own book - even down to the stitching. Neat!

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Microsoft PR Tactics

It's been almost a year since my last SCO litigation related post, but frankly since I started commenting on the SCO lawsuits four years ago it's just gotten more boring.

What continues to be interesting, however, is the insight into Microsoft from their dealings with SCO that get exposed in the court room. The latest installment, courtesy GrokLaw of course, is the following internal Microsoft email (emphasis added):

As discussed in our PR meeting this morning. David & I have spoken with Maureen O'Gara (based on go ahead from BrianV) and planted the story. She has agreed to not attribute the story to us

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Good friend Lars Pind and his business partner Christina Wodtke have just finished the release of Om Malik's new site Found|READ, powered by the collaborative platform PublicSquare.

FoundRead sounds interesting. Here's Om's blurb:

Mulling over this for a few days, it dawned upon me, that the lessons I am learning, thousands have learnt before, and might actually have a wider (and better) perspective on trials and tribulations of being a founder of a business. Not just a tech start-up, just any business. Why isn't there a resource that captures this tribal wisdom? What if we could
build one — one that can be shared by one-and-all?

While there are some excellent resources such as Reddit-powered YCombinator start-up site, Startupping, Venture Hacks ... what I envisioned was a digital salon — where the conversations were started, experiences shared, questions asked and answered — with us writers playing the role of a salon keeper, a.k.a. conversation lubricant.


FoundREAD is a shared resource, where anyone can contribute, either through their posts, or experiences or comments. You can choose to contribute freely or anonymously. Just like a GPS system helps us drive through a maze of freeways, the founders and entrepreneurs help their peers navigate the twisted, confusing roads of company building.

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