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BT's ADSL setup experience

I just set up my Uncle's British Telecom (BT) ADSL and as someone intimately familiar with the various back and front ends of an ADSL network I can't believe how well it was done.

Firstly, no username and password were necessary. The supplied ADSL wireless router was stock issue from their warehouse with a default PPP username and password - the authentication is done via the copper pair/termination point.

So that was internet up and running - plug in the phone and power.

The router includes wireless, but no generic security issues here - the stock issue router has wireless turned on, but with a randomly generated network name and WPA2 Personal encryption/authentication. No need to change these as the BT box included a card with the details that you could hand to a visitor to allow them to connect.

I literally spent 60 seconds setting the whole thing up and 5 minutes reading the FAQ because I was *sure* there had to be more to it!

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CocoaHeads Sydney - room change for tonight (August)

It will now be in CB04.02.33.

Thats Building 4, Level 2, Room 33. Its the new refurbished Science
building, corner of Thomas and Harris st, diagonally opposite ABC.

You might find the UTS campus map useful:

Thanks to David Morrison for sorting this out.


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CocoaHeads Sydney - Meetup This Thursday August 4th

After last month's shemozzle we're back on track with our usual moderate level of organisation for CocoaHeads.

The August meet is this coming Thursday (we always meet the first Thursday). Venue is the same as the last three months: UTS Broadway CB10.07.114 ie. Building 10, Level 7, Room 114

Google map:
UTS Broadway campus map:

Time: 6:30pm or whenever

We have a couple of short/lightning talks in planning - one is confirmed that I am excited to share with you. Continuing our great tradition of cross-pollonating with fpsyd, Alan Rogers is going to give us a lightning talk about Objective-J and Cappacino. Objective-J is a language inspired by Objective-C and implemented on top of JavaScript. Cappacino is a framework based on that. Alan met up with the guys behind Objective-J at WWDC this year.

As always we will be retiring for beers once the formal part of proceedings has finished.

Look forward to seeing you all there!

09:25 AM, 04 Aug 2009 by Mark Aufflick Permalink | Comments (0)


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