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Code Bubbles - the most important IDE innovation since SmallTalk?

Wow. An IDE concept (with prototype and promise of a beta implementation that you can sign up for) that for the first time makes me want to program in Java. People who know me will know how huge that is.

I loved the SmallTalk IDE's concept of method-level programming ever since I was first exposed to it. Code-folding just isn't the same, you are still conceptually dealing with files on a file system - methods and their interactions aren't presented as first class entities in "modern" editors or IDEs and thus struggle for that place in the minds of most developers.

Code Bubbles, by Andrew Bragdon at Brown University resumes this paradigm from SmallTalk and takes the UI to the logical next level, all with a polish that just invites you to hunt through the code to sqaush any bugs!

Any professional developer, Java or otherwise, needs to check it out.

/via Lambda the Ultimate

02:29 AM, 13 Mar 2010 by Mark Aufflick Permalink | Comments (0)


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