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Pixar videos

Not quite what the title might suggest ;) These are some of the Pixar University videos André Pang mentioned in his keynote address at this weeks AUC /dev/world conference.

The Dean of Pixar University, Randy Nelson, on the Collaborative Age

Mastery, Breadth, Communication, Collaboration, "Plussing" and more! 9 minutes.

CEO of Pixar Ed Catmull on Keeping your Crises Small

CEO of Pixar (and all round computer graphics genius) Ed Catmull speaking to Stanford Graduate School of Business. 53 minutes.

02:37 AM, 30 Sep 2010 by Mark Aufflick Permalink | Comments (1)

Aquamacs copying styled text

Some time ago I switched from X11 GNU emacs to Aquamacs - the Aqua Mac native port of GNU emacs. The latest version of Aquamacs has a neat Edit menu item "Copy as HTML" which basically makes a convenient way to use the htmlize.el package to put a colourised version, in HTML format, of the current selection on the Mac clipboard.

That's great for posting into, for example, a blog post—but what about into other Cocoa apps? For that you still only need html, but it has to have the correct UTI on the clipboard to be recognised. The Aquamacs/GNU Emacs copy internals for the Mac nearly work flawlessly, and the following slightly hacky function will put a "Copy as Styled Text" into your edit menu:

(defuncopy-as-styled-text(beg end)"Copies the region as HTML styled text into the clipboard."(interactive "r")(when(or (not transient-mark-mode) mark-active)(let((x-select-enable-clipboard t)(buf (aquamacs-convert-to-html-buffer beg end)));; the copy as html is more reliable if we've copied plain text first
;; (which seems to clear the clipboard of all types)
(with-current-buffer buf
    (copy-region-as-kill (point-min)(point-max)))(with-current-buffer buf
        (ns-store-cut-buffer-internal 'PRIMARY (buffer-string) 'html))(kill-buffer buf))))(define-key-after menu-bar-edit-menu [copy-styled]
  '("Copy as Styled Text" . copy-as-styled-text) 'copy-html)

05:33 AM, 24 Sep 2010 by Mark Aufflick Permalink | Comments (0)

Speaking at /dev/world 2010

/dev/world is a conference run by the Australasian Apple University Consortium (AUC). The AUC has been around since the Mac was launched in 1984 to promote and foster development of Apple platforms.

This year the AUC conference is in Melbourne on September 28th-29th and I will be one of the speakers. Here's my bit in the program:

Push Notifications - Device, Protocol and Server
Speaker: Mark Aufflick
Target Audience: Intermediate

Apple Push Notifications are an integral part of many applications, from games like "Words With Friends" to VOIP call notification, but for the non-expert developer they can be a source of mystery. Apple's "Local and Push Notification Programming Guide" provides details of the binary protocol, SSL certificates and other details which are hardly beginner material. Additionally the guide makes little mention of correct UTF encoding and other small details which create more difficulty for those unfamiliar with data encodings etc. And finally a persistent server is required which can handle the protocols. This talk will take attendees through: an understanding of the service overall; the protocol and its limitations; responding to notifications in the iOS application; approaches to implementing a server in Perl, Python or Ruby.

Mark Aufflick has been involved in the Apple industry since his first job in 1995 and finally put his Computer Science degree to use becoming a freelance developer in 2000. Since then he has developed back end, web and gui applications for various Unix platforms, MacOS and iOS - for both corporate giants and small businesses. Mark has presented on programming topics in fora such as Sydney University's Web Engineering Group and CocoaHeads. These days Mark is an iOS and Mac developer with his company Pumptheory as well as the convenor of Sydney CocoaHeads.

I'm really looking forward to meeting the other presenters and delegates! If you're attending, let me know on twitter - I'm @markaufflick.

12:36 AM, 06 Sep 2010 by Mark Aufflick Permalink | Comments (0)


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