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Load Interface Inspector's framework without modifying your Xcode project

Along the lines of Oliver Jones'€™ great tip about loading Reveal App'€™s* library into your iOS app without restarting the app or modifying your Xcode project, loading Interface Inspector'€™s** library into your Mac app at runtime is even easier thanks to Framework Bundles***. Simply add this into your .lldbinit:

command alias interface_inspector p (BOOL)[[NSBundle bundleWithPath:@"/Applications/Interface"] load]

and now at your lldb prompt just type "€œinterface_inspector" (or some unique part of that followed by tab) and then continue and you'€™ll be up and running.

* If you'€™ve been living in a cave you may not know about Reveal - the best thing for iOS developers since iOS 2.0.

** Interface Inspector is like Reveal for Mac apps (except not as good of course! No complaints about Interface Inspector, but you have to back your friends ;)

*** If you're thinking "€œwhy can't it be this easy on iOS?" - read Landon Fuller's excellent post: iOS Static Libraries Are, Like, Really Bad, And Stuff (Radar 15800975) and dupe his radar :)

05:30 AM, 20 Jan 2014 by Mark Aufflick Permalink | Comments (0)


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