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Apple I with 6502 cpu on an FPGA board

No pretty pictures, but the idea of a 6502 running Woz's monitor completely running inside an FPGA is pretty sexy.

Trust a Japanese person to think of it :)

06:18 AM, 19 Jan 2009 by Mark Aufflick Permalink | Comments (0)

Installing avrdude via MacPorts

avrdude is a program that you use to download compiled software to the (excellent) Atmel AVR line of microprocessors.

Trying to install the current avrdude via MacPorts can hit a snag though, because there is a flex source file (lexer.l) which won't compile with the version of flex that MacPorts installs (if you have ever installed flex via MacPorts).

The Apple supplied flex is fine, so the Portfile just needs a little addition to point the ./configure in the right direction.

Edit the portfile:

/opt/local/var/macports/sources/ release/ports/cross/avrdude/Portfile

And add the following line to the end:

configure.env-append LEX=/usr/bin/flex

Now you just need to rebuild:

sudo port clean avrdude
sudo port install avrdude

Job done!

05:08 PM, 18 Dec 2008 by Mark Aufflick Permalink | Comments (0)


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