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Pending any breakthroughs in photo websites, there's none that I'm really into. For want of a better alternative I'll be posting new photos to for now.

A day in Sydney

I follow a number of photography blogs and have long admired Cyril Genty's work on Un jour à Paris where he simply posts a photo a day taken somewhere in Paris. I thought I'd take a similar approach, but with Sydney, to help break some creative block and hopefully provide enjoyment for others at the same time.

I will be posting a photograph of Sydney every single day. I hope for the photos to be fairly contemporaneous, but I won't promise they were taken the very day they were posted. At the moment this series is hosted on flickr, but that will probably change so please visit/subscribe to my "A day in Sydney" blog category rather than my flickr feed to make sure you don't miss out.

The Daily Shoot

On a similar note, I sometimes take part in The Daily Shoot - "a simple daily routine to motivate and inspire you to practice your photography, and share your results! It’s not a contest and there are no prizes. It's simply about encouraging you to pick up your camera and make photographs.". You can see my entries here in The Daily Shoot blog category or on my page on the Daily Shoot website.

Other Photography

Over they years I have put some of my photo's online in many different places. Now I'm trying to consolidate around my personal website. You can find an overlapping mishmash of some of my photos on my flickr account and some older photos on my 23hq account.

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