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heads up 'tunes Version 0.4

When I'm listening to music I like to know what tracks are queued up. Call me a control freak.

One doesn't normally have enough screen space to leave iTunes visible though, so I figured what I wanted was a heads up style panel, floating above all other applications, showing the current and upcoming songs.

That's pretty much what "heads up 'tunes" does: display the current and next two iTunes™ tracks in a "heads up" style window.

It works fine with genius and party shuffle as well as manual and smart playlists. Results will be disappointing when using regular shuffle mode since it is not possible to determine what track will come next.

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heads up 'tunes featured on

James Powell has featured heads up 'tunes on his and also has some neat feature suggestions.

I'm not sure where the slowdown he is seeing is coming from so I'll quiz him on that, but clicking the song and hiding the dock icon are good ideas.

He has a pretty eclectic playlist :)

06:51 PM, 19 Jan 2009 by Mark Aufflick Permalink | Comments (0)

By popular demand, heads up 'tunes 0.4

There's a raft of new features, none cooler than the popup you get if you hover over an album cover when the window is too small to show any text. Pictured left.

Happy Matt?

The big change is that it's now designed to stay running all the time. When you pause or stop iTunes, the hut window will tastefully fade away. When iTunes fires up again, it will come back. There are a number of new options in the prefs window to support that such as adding to your login items.

Available now :)

07:07 AM, 01 Dec 2008 by Mark Aufflick Permalink | Comments (1)

heads up 'tunes Version 0.3

This release adds a new preference to stick the hud display to all spaces, as per Mr Barnes request.

I also changed the framework used by the prefs window, so let me know if there are any issues or raise a bug:

07:43 AM, 20 Nov 2008 by Mark Aufflick Permalink | Comments (2)