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Leopard Update: SkypeMenuX seems to work find under Leopard, but the menu icon never changes to reflect your status. I'll take a look at that shortly.

SkypeMenuX provides a System Extra menu for Skype.

This menu allows you to:

  • View and change your Skype user status
  • Launch or Quit Skype
  • See which of your Skype buddies are online
  • Start a Voice call or Instant Message to one of your online Skype buddies
  • Have Skype and SkypeMenuX launch at startup


I would love to spend more time making cool applications that people like YOU want for your Mac!

If you find SkypeMenuX useful, why don't you consider making a donation that will help me have more time for development?

- Secure donations are handled by PayPal

See the link to feature requests below if you have a suggestion!

This application is provided free of charge under the New BSD License for the benefit of Skype users. See below for more information.

This product uses the Skype API but is not endorsed or certified by Skype

SkypeMenuX Website
RequirementsMacOS X 10.3 or later
Recent version of Skype
LicenseBSD (Opensource/Free) skypemenux downloads
SourceForge Project Project Homepage
Support Requests
Feature Requests

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As a note, I also highly recommend making use of the Growl integration built into Skype. See here for more info.

SkypeMenuX Help (v0.6b)


SkypeMenuX Installation (v0.5b)