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Installing SkypeMenuX


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If you have not done so, download the SkypeMenuX disk image file (.dmg) from the sourceforge project download area.

After you download the disk image file, Safari will mount it for you and you should see the folder appear like the picture on the left. If you are not using Safari or the folder does not appear, you may need to double click the disk image file.

Drag the SkypeMenuX application to your Applications folder or anywhere else that makes you happy. Double click the application in it's new location and you will be rewarded with a new Skype menu icon up the top right of your screen (where the clock. volume menu, etc. are). It will look just like the icon shows.

If Skype is already running, it will ask you to confirm that you want to allow SkypeMenuX to communicate with it. Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn't have clicked on it would you? Choose whichever of the top two you are most comfortable with and click ok.

If Skype is not running, you can start it in any way you normally would. You should also be able to simply select a new status from the menu and SkypeMenuX will start Skype for you. If you choose offline however, SkypeMenuX is smart enough to know that there's no need to go to all that effort.

SkypeMenuX Features

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