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I gave this talk at the February 2009 Sydney CocoaHeads. It gives an introduction to Martin Kahr's Apple Remote framework.

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The framework used in the slides uses Carbon under the hood, so it cannot be used in 64 bit apps. Additionally various versions of 10.6 have tweaked the remote HID device in various ways. There is a new Cocoa/HID framework which works correctly on the latest 10.6:

HID Remote from IOSPIRIT. I haven't tried it, but even according to their docs it has issues with a few versions of 10.6.

I have however tried the excellent control panel patch Candelair, also from IOSPIRIT, which makes both old and new frameworks work correctly with all versions of 10.6. I can confirm that the SplitShow code shown in the presentation works on 10.6 with Candelair installed.

In the future I may re-do this presentation using HID Remote.